Cable Assembly

Panstrong manufactures customs cable assemblies of various configurations and requirements. We build to suit your specific cable assembly requirements. Panstrong is dedicated to quality and reliable through controlled, repeatable manufacturing processes. WE focus on continual improvement of our custom cable assembly processes, assuring our customers of the highest quality standards and on time delivery.

Besides custom-made cables, Panstrong also manufactures and provides versatile popular cable assemblies such as USB cables, Mini USB cables, Micro USB cables, IEEE1394 cables, HDMI® cables,DVI cables, RF Coaxial cables, Telephone cables, audio/video cables, flat cables and wiring harness, and computer cables, etc.

Panstrong integrates quality ISO9001 & QS9000 certified systems and innovative assembly and packaging technologies to delivery market-leading customer electronic products, from product assembly through enclosures to testing and packaging. Welcome OEM and ODM partners for cooperation.

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